The How’s and Why’s

How I do it?

I love the creative process! But it is still a process.  Often, it involves quick mood boards, or research —or I may just see a person in the street that inspires an idea for a piece.  

Typically, after creating a shell of an idea-- I lay out my materials and see where it takes me. I’ll create combinations on instinct adding and subtracting. The process usually ends with me at my work table surrounded by piles of materials and a singular piece (or many on a good day) that I love.  It is the best feeling when I achieve my vision.

What inspires me

My global ramblings, distant cultures and individual style are huge inspirations for me.  Through a lifetime of living and traveling abroad, I am now able to transport wearers to those places with my work.  I’m also obsessed with street style and observing how women adorn themselves. It provides me with an endless amount of creativity and ideas.

Why I do it?

I love connecting with people and helping women feel magical enough to take on anything. The right adornments and clothes can do just that.  I most love seeing a woman feel beautiful in her own skin. We need more of that! Finally, I am also inspired by the strength of the women around me while growing up and those whose paths I cross today. Their stories and journeys constantly remind me to be creative and bold.