Jewelry Care Recommendations

Our jewelry is handmade with quality materials. These pieces should be worn with a care and love. 

GENERAL CARE AND CLEANING: We recommend limited contact with water (bathing or swimming), spraying perfumes, or applying lotions and oils directly on the jewelry pieces. If worn without care, the finish may break down much faster than it would from natural wear and tear.

► Warm water and a soft cloth are the best thing you can do to maintain the beauty of your jewelry

► For a deeper, occasional cleaning, a drop of soap will return its luster. When you have finished cleaning make sure that you have dried you items properly using a clean and dry flannel cloth.

►Many chemicals marketed for cleaning jewelry are actually somewhat abrasive and corrosive and can cause damage or color alteration to your jewelry

►A higher pH of the skin could darken the jewelry

GOLD-FILLED CHAIN: Our gold-filled products are manufactured using 18K gold over brass base. Nickel and lead free. Each item is manufactured with the highest quality to last over time.

BRASS: For brass care especially, we recommend avoiding water and moisture. Brass prone to patina and can undergo oxidation. For best results keep away from leaving in water for too long. If the piece comes in contact with water, dry it thoroughly before storing. I find using a brass polishing cloth helpful when small spots appear.

REPAIRS: While all efforts are made to use durable materials/ and processes to construct— the pieces can be damaged under duress.  Repairs can be made available for a small fee. Unfortunately, stones/or bone that  break, crack, chip, etc., cannot be repaired.   Please contact us at hello@societeurbane for more information. 

STORAGE: When you are not wearing your pieces, it is a good idea to store them in the jewelry bag they came in or a container (such as a jewelry box).  

More questions about care? Email us at hello@societeurbane.com.